“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.”

Psalm 119:18


18-Day Bible Challenge

18 Day Bible Challenge

Even though the Bible is one unified story, reading the Bible is not like reading a storybook. This is because the Bible writers used several different literary styles to tell the story. The “How to Read the Bible” challenge takes you through each style and shows you how the styles work together as a whole. Let’s see what the Bible actually is.


64 Day Bible Challenge

DEEPER KNOWLEDGE – Get an overview of the Bible story from Genesis to Exodus. Start the 64 Day Bible Challenge.

Purely Bible study blog

Read and Study from Our Blog

DEEPER MEANING – Dig more deeply into the message of The Word. Read the blog articles.

purely bible study videos

Learn with Our Videos

DEEPER DEVOTION – Watch these Bible study videos to learn to follow God more closely through a more dedicated devotional life.

What makes us different?

Purely Bible is dedicated to calling people back to Bible reading, contextual understanding of Scripture, and the development of personal faith through the power of the Spirit of God released through His inspired Word.

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